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Fascinating facts about Jews and China written this month by Yvette Alt Miller in Aish.com

While many of you will be familiar with much information, there are some unique tidbits. For example:

China is gaining an increasingly prominent role in kosher food production, too. It is now the world’s fast-growing producer of kosher food, with over 500 factories manufacturing kosher items. Star-K, a kosher certifier, reports that “China is fast becoming the frontrunner in all aspects of kosher food production” as more and more foods (including those that are kosher) are produced there.

From virtually no high tech funding from China in the early 2000s, the period of 2011-2013 saw Chinese firms invest $32 billion in Israel.

China now ranks second (after the United States) in collaboration with Israeli high-tech firms that are backed by Israel’s Office of the Chief Scientist.

The Chinese word for Jew, you tai, can be written with a variety of symbols – yet troublingly, the one used most often is demeaning, denoting dog or monkey. …It’s thought that the derogatory spelling originated at a time when Jews were considered extremely exotic or foreign to China.

Trade between the Israel and China has skyrocketed: increasing over 20000% in the past two decades, to more than $10.8 billion today. After the United States and the European Union, China is now Israel’s third-largest trading partner.

Topics in the article include the following:
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Jews and Chinese Food
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College Connections
High-Tech Collaboration