Danny Spungen recently sent me the following links detailing an art exhibition titled “Love without Boundaries – Jewish Refugees in Shanghai” which opened at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem on May 10 covering the history of Jews seeking shelter in Shanghai during WWII. He — and others, especially survivors and their descendents — are quite dismayed with inaccuracies of the history depicted in artistic depictions and postcards that were sold and is seeking further information. As an example of misrepresentation, in one picture, Jews are standing behind a wired fence facing the outside world while Chinese are coming to feed them. In Danny’s own words, “What I am looking for are exaggerations or false implications of what took place in Shanghai during WWII. I think I have been pretty balanced and allowing as many to get involved to present their experiences, opinions and their research. I do believe there are “extremes” on both ends of the spectrum. For the survivors this is completely understandable given they lived it and they each had such different experiences, all that should be represented. I also understand the museum has guidelines of their own and that the SJRM can only take the information presented and put together a story that will satisfy the different groups in China.